Artists Draw Goku in Different Styles

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee
where we take your dumb ideas, – [Nathan] And make even dumber drawings. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Nathan] I’m Goku. – [Julia] I’m Bulma. (laughing) – [Jacob] Well, you heard it here. I’m joined by Goku and Bulma on this one. – [Nathan] Bulma, you
sound sick, are you okay? – [Julia] I’m stuck in a capsule. – [Nathan] That was bound
to happen eventually. You keep messing with those capsules. – [Julia] Too much Capsule Corp. – [Nathan] Too much Capsule Corp. It’s Nuesday.
– I age. – [Nathan] Did you just say, “I age”? – [Jacob] Yeah, this is
old, this is grandma Bulma. – [Nathan] I age too, you’re not special. – [Jacob] It’s Nuesday y’all. – [Nathan] It’s Nuesday,
I’m actually Nathan but I said I was Goku because– – [Jacob] Because today, we’re doing Goku. We’ve drawn some Gokus. – [Nathan] Oops, all Gokus. – [Jacob] Oops all Gokus, we’ve drawn him in different styles and we’re gonna take this time to present our beautiful Gokus to
one another for judgment and the best Gokus will go on
to the next round of Gokus. – [Nathan] America’s next top Goku. – [Jacob] Only one will
make it to the top. No, we just wanted to
take some extra time, have some fun with our drawing, so we got some speed draws here and we’re gonna play them for each other and talk about our process a little bit. – [Jacob] Oh boy, Nathan
do you wanna go first? – [Nathan] I’ll go first. I usually go first, so I’ll go first. – Let’s stay in order.
– Okay! Yeah, what style did you do, Nathan? – [Nathan] I did an attempt
to do a Don Bluth Goku. – [Jacob] Oh a Don Bluth. – [Julia] We’re all attempting,
we’re all trying our best. – [Nathan] Yeah, I, like
I said in the last one, I wanted to try and
increase the challenge level on each of these, and this
one was challenging for me, I will say. – [Jacob] Well that’s good,
that means you’re flexing those art muscles. – [Nathan] You can decide
whether I was successful or not, whether this is Bluthy enough,
but I’m gonna kick it off. – [Jacob] For those who might
not know, before you start, who’s Don Bluth? – [Nathan] Don Bluth, you
ever, you remember the movies, those movies that, they
weren’t Disney movies? – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Nathan] They occupy an
interesting brain space of “Was that even real?” – [Jacob] Yeah, because it wasn’t Disney. – It was not Disney.
– Like Anastasia? – [Nathan] Anastasia,
Rockadoodle, The Land Before Time, movies for children that
were like at once both darker and hornier than Disney movies. – [Jacob] Yes, they
were all dark and horny, and they all scared me when I was a kid. – [Nathan] Lots of real horny energy. I don’t think I got the
horny energy in this. You’ll see, lets just, let’s start it. – [Jacob] Yeah, okay,
I’m gonna count you off. – [Julia] Goku doesn’t
know what horny is anyway. – [Jacob] Yeah, he does not. Okay, three, two, one, go! – [Nathan] So I, I actually did a couple
practice versions of this. – He’s so squat.
– It’s a good pose already. – [Julia] Is this a young Goku? – [Nathan] I did end up
going with a young Goku. I also attempted to do an
adult Goku, but I thought the young Goku would be more fun to do. – [Jacob] Kind of capture
more of the energy you were looking for? – [Nathan] Yeah. I just wanted to put
him on his little cloud. And yeah, you know, it’s a– – [Julia] Ooh, look on
the turn on them eyes. That’s good. – [Nathan] Yeah, I’m trying to get– It’s mostly in the face,
you’ll see, you’ll see. (laughing) – You’ll see.
– You’ll see. – [Nathan] It’s just like super lumpy. I just wanted to talk about Don Bluth, because those movies, those movies, man. They really, they really affected me. We’re Back, that’s another one. – [Jacob] Oh yeah, I remember We’re Back. – [Nathan] Just everything
about those movies, it’s just, it’s like Disney,
but where Disney uses movement to be sort of
helpful to story telling. They’re very efficient with
the ways characters move. Bluth’s characters are just
sort of constantly moving. – [Julia] Yeah, did he do Thumbelina? – Yeah.
– God I hate Thumbelina. But I think you really
nailed it when you said it’s the kind of movies
where you go “Is that Disney? “No, it’s not Disney.”
– Kind of a vague memory. – [Julia] Like you think it’s Disney, you remember watching it as a kid, because every movie Nathan has listed, I’ve been like “On no, you’re
right, that wasn’t Disney.” And it did have a weird
bounciness to it, a flow. It’s almost like rotoscoped. – [Nathan] Yeah, it felt, I
dunno, there’s just something, there’s like a weird sick feeling you get when you watch
them, and I love it. This is an homage, and yeah,
I wanted to sort of try and see if I could translate
this anime hair into those sort of soft touchable– – [Julia] Yeah, he’s giving
me the prince from Thumbelina vibes a little bit. – [Nathan] That’s the thing, is anything that’s sort of weird and off about this, that’s just a Bluth– It was a safer choice than
trying to go full Disney with it, because yeah, the kids’
faces are weird and inscrutable in terms of how
old they’re supposed to be. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s a
little Peter Pan-y, like you don’t know how long
this person’s been a child, but it seems too long. – [Nathan] And it feels
like I’m sort of thinking, I’m imagining a universe
where Don Bluth got the rights to Dragon Ball and made a Dragon
Ball straight to VHS movie, and this is sort of the way
he designs Goku for that. – [Jacob] I love what
you did with the hair. – Yeah.
– Thank you. – [Jacob] You managed to find
a way to make that function, and that’s probably one
of the biggest challenges. – [Nathan] Yeah, I was very
proud of myself with the hair, and then you’re gonna see
me just struggle so hard to figure out how to have
him holding his little staff, because I really wanted him
to be holding it horizontal for for sort of composition
reasons, and I just, I couldn’t get the hand right. – [Jacob] Do you mean vertical? – Well I started–
– You start vertical. – [Nathan] I start vertical,
and then I was like “That’s pretty good, but I wanna try–” – [Jacob] But what if I spent all my time? – [Nathan] Yeah, so here’s one version, and that’s actually not
bad, and then I dunno, I just overwork it. – [Jacob] Nathan, I think
you’re gonna find some really fun similarities in your drawing and mine. Namely in just fuckin’ around
with a hand holding a staff for way too long, because I also do that. – [Nathan] You did a staff? – [Jacob] I did a staff as well. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s just,
it’s never gonna happen. I’m, spoiler alert, it’s not gonna happen. (laughing) – [Julia] You just see that
it very quickly just goes into a pocket that suddenly
exists, in his pant pocket. – [Nathan] It ends up so close
to how I have it originally, that all of this is, it’s just, yeah. – [Julia] You were
trying to grow, you know? You gotta test out some stuff. – [Nathan] I was tryin’ some stuff. – [Julia] And sometimes
it just doesn’t work, and you have to go back to
what you know, and that’s fine. It’s art. – [Jacob] I think the one you did with the horizontal staff was good. It’s one of those things where you know, you just get in your head about it. – [Nathan] I was too
close to the situation. Here’s what I end up going with. – [Jacob] But this also works. – [Nathan] Yeah, it’s fine. It’s fine, it’s just a lot
of time spent doing this. – [Jacob] You definitely,
I think it’s good for also when people watch these. They like to see us struggle
for a really long time to do something, and then
just give up on it entirely. – [Nathan] That’s what you
want, that’s what you wanna see. – [Jacob] That’s part
of the artistic process. There’s no artist that doesn’t do that. Sometimes you have a
beautiful day where everything goes your way, and then sometimes. – [Julia] Sometimes you’re
like “I don’t, how do, “what are faces even?” – [Nathan] What even are faces? – [Julia] How does the head sit on a neck, and where’s the neck sit from the head? Why does everything look so janky? – [Nathan] I think of all of
the aspects of this drawing, I’m the happiest with
how the face turned out. – [Jacob] Yeah, the face and the hair, the whole head is great.
– You nailed it. – [Nathan] That’s sort of where you get the stylistic things. I was trying to find examples
of how he draws kids’ bodies, and I sort of went with a Fievel. Sort of used the Fievel. – [Julia] Round teeth. – [Jacob] Yeah, the teeth are perfect. – [Julia] You really nailed
the certain aspects that make this a Don Bluth style. – [Nathan] Thank you. Awe, you guys.
– The round teeth, the weird chipmunk-like cheeks. – [Nathan] Yeah, they’re
so, I feel like I could’ve squeezed them out even more,
just really puffed them up even more than I did, but you know, we’re, we’re having fun. – [Jacob] Yeah, and it’s
all part of this process. – [Nathan] It’s all part of the Goku. – [Jacob] And I think the
process is good to see. – [Nathan] I think so. You don’t want it to just be
super good the entire time. You want to see us struggle. You want to see us get frustrated. – [Jacob] Because then you know it’s okay. – [Nathan] Then you know it’s okay. – Boy do we get frustrated.
– It is okay. – [Julia] Doing these styles is hard. – [Jacob] You’ve got a real
nice like three-dimensional feel to this, too, there’s
like good weight and shape to the body parts, the legs especially. – [Nathan] Thank you. I appreciate that. – [Jacob] Good job of adapting kid Goku’s real stock-ass bod. – [Nathan] It’s so hard to
not do Toriyama when you’re– Because I had some Gokus up as reference, and I was just like “I just wanna draw… “It’s perfect.” It’s a perfect character design. – [Jacob] You’ll see me
struggle with that as well. I start off going real Toriyama, and then I got to, you know. – [Nathan] You’ve got to scale it back. – [Julia] You know what my cheat was? My reference was a figurine. – Oh nice!
– Oh that’s smart. – [Julia] I used a figurine because then– – [Nathan] Then you’re
not beholden to that. – [Julia] Yeah, because
if I look at one art style while trying to be another art style, I’m just going to sink. – [Jacob] Also if you were
doing like adult Goku, there’s less essential
Toriyama-ness in the like, late Z designs, they’re a lot
more anime, like, you know. Normal anime style. Like, the old Goku is so
Toriyama, the kid one. – [Julia] Like he draws
people how he drew his cars, which are just like this
real like nonsensical squat thick thing. – [Nathan] You just wanna like take a little bite out of ’em, they all look like little dumplings. – [Jacob] Yeah, everything’s
a little stocky potato, I just wanna–
– I just wanna eat it. – [Jacob] I just wanna eat it up. It’s delicious. – [Julia] This is so good, I’m so impressed.
– Thank you. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I wasn’t sure like how
much to work it at this point, because there’s minimal
shading in animation because it’s hard to animate it, but
I do like having some amount of shading. So I sort of, I started using
the, because Titan AE has some shading in it, so I tried
to get some of that. I looked up again clouds,
there’s a scene in Fievel where he like falls into some
soot, so I used that as sort of a reference. – [Julia] It also looks like
a promo art amount of shading. You know, they jujh it up
a bit, but not too much. – [Nathan] And then I was like, so here’s where I’m like
“Okay, what else should I do?” So I do the shading, what I do is I block it in
with sort of solid shapes, and then I blur it to
get that sort of soft– – [Jacob] It does get
that vibe, doesn’t it? Look at you! – [Nathan] Then I think I was like “Oh I missed a few spots.” So then I just went in
with a soft brush and– – [Julia] Man I really want
to watch Anastasia now. – [Nathan] I just sort of
do some little adjustments, and then one other thing
that we do, I notice, in a lot of animation is
they use colored strokes on certain bits to give
them sort of a softer feel. – [Jacob] Yeah, totally. – [Nathan] I went in and did that, and I think that’s about it, yeah. – [Julia] This is great! – [Jacob] Yeah, great work! I feel like you’ve
definitely got that feel. The face really is spot on. – [Julia] Yeah, the nose, like I just, ah. Good job.
– There you have it. That’s my Bluth–
– Don Bluth Goku. – [Nathan] Don Bluth’s Goku
coming straight to VHS. Catch it, it’s probably gonna be sad. (laughing) – [Jacob] Sad and horny. – [Nathan] It’s gonna make
you sad and horny as a kid, and you’re not gonna know why. – [Jacob] You’re not gonna
know what to do with that. Awesome work, dude.
– Amazing. – [Nathan] Thank you! – So good.
– I love it. Jacob’s up next. – [Jacob] Yes! I did mine in the style of
Avatar: The Last Air Bender, and I really wanted to
do Goku as the Avatar. I put Goku in that world. It’s not like he’s drawn in
the style of it, which he is, but he’s really drawn as
if he were the Avatar. – [Nathan] It’s a genre and style change. – [Jacob] It’s a genre and
style shift on this one, so. I’ll go ahead and count you off. Three, two, one, go! – [Nathan] Ku. – Full disclosure–
– 3, 2, 1 Goku. – [Jacob] Goku. Today was not a good art day for me. I was struggling in a
major way, so you’ll see a few failed attempts. – [Nathan] That’s nice that you keep like, you’re being more honest than I am. I usually like to do a
couple failed attempts before I start screen recording for these. – [Jacob] Yeah, I wanted
to show the entire process, like starting out before
I was even warmed up, so. – [Julia] This is a tough angle. – [Nathan] I like this pose a lot though. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think
it could’ve been fun, but I wasn’t good enough today. (laughing) I wasn’t good enough today to do it. – [Julia] There’s a lot
of angles going on there. – [Jacob] And as you can
see, I was starting with the kind of chunky kid Goku look, because I really just love that look, and then I was thinking of like maybe– – Surfing?
– Surfing on like the glider. – [Julia] Oh, I thought he was lounging. – [Jacob] No, not lounging. Then I got rid of all that, because that wasn’t working for me. – [Julia] Straight chilling on the couch. – [Jacob] Also I wanted
to make him more like an older teen, sort of like
he’s coming into his Avatar-dom. This is my last attempt at a squanch one. – A squanch (laughing)
– Yeah. – [Jacob] I got rid of that real quick, I was like “Nah, fuck it.” – Because Teen Dok–
– Tedoku. – [Nathan] Keen, a keen
teen fighting machine. Because there’s kid Goku, and adult Goku. There’s no teen, there’s
no Goku the teen years. – [Jacob] There kind of is
towards the end of the original Dragon Ball, you get a bit of that, but I really wanted to like Avatar him up. So I’m starting with an Aang base here. – [Nathan] Yeah, you’re getting some strong Aang vibes from this. – [Julia] I have a
question from the people, because I know this will be
a question that pops up in the comments, also the fact
that you haven’t saved yet is stressing me out so much. – [Jacob] I wait a good
while before I save. – [Julia] Oh you’re stressing me out. Anyway, question from the people. How do you push through a bad art day when you’ve got to get art done? – [Jacob] I think you’ve
answered your own question. I had to get art done. (laughing) – [Nathan] We had to record today. I think we were all in
a similar sort of boat today with this. Julia, you were mostly done
with yours, but I remember earlier today, I was
talking with you and Jacob, and we were all just like
“Gotta get our Gokus done.” – [Jacob] So I decided that
there’s a lot of similarities between Goku and Aang. They’re both like the last
of a dead race of people. He thinks he’s the last Saiyan,
Aang is the last Air Bender, so Goku would definitely be an Air Bender. And also, he’s similar in
the sense that he’s like a happy-go-lucky doofus– – But he’s super strong
– Who’s super strong, and he also does attempt
to avoid confrontation a lot of the time. The difference is that Aang
tries to take a non-violent approach always, until
he really really can’t, and Goku like will beat an ass. – [Nathan] Goku wants to
see how strong someone is. – [Jacob] He’ll beat an ass,
and then at the end be like “Okay, well we can stop, I
don’t have to like murder you.” And then they’re like “No!
You have to murder me!” And he’s like “All right.” – [Nathan] Those clothing folds are really pleasant to look at, Jacob. – [Jacob] I was going for
the sort of monk robe look, but with the sort of emblem like he has, and I gave him the headband
so it would give an excuse for his hair to be sort
of pushed up and messy, and also still showing the arrow tattoo. – [Nathan] Oh very smart. – [Jacob] I made him a little
bit stronger than Aang. He’s a little thicker, a little stronger, a little bit bolder. – [Nathan] Kind of a Korra build almost. – [Jacob] Yeah, sort of, but
not even as broad as Korra. Not as strong as Korra.
– Not as strong as Korra, but stronger than Aang.
– But stronger than Aang. – [Nathan] Thicker than Aang. – [Jacob] And we’ve ended up
with sort of just a standing posture, because that was what
I was capable of doing today. Here’s where I fuck around
with his hand for like a full– – [Nathan] Oh we did the same thing! We really, this is good though. – [Jacob] It was good enough
already, but I’m gonna edit it a good few more
times before it’s done. – [Nathan] The thumb, thumbs are crazy. They never look like how you want them to, but that’s just what they do. – [Jacob] Yep. – [Julia] Fingers in general are weird. If you think about a hand
too long, it stops being like a hand, and just
starts being like a series of weird grabby tubes,
and you’re just like “This is nothing, this is nothing!” But it’s just because you’ve
been thinking about it so hard. – [Nathan] Jacob, you and I were so on the same wavelength
today, it’s incredible. – [Jacob] I ended up making it work for me by having that hand going backwards more, and then turning the hand more
so you see less of the finger and thumb. – [Julia] I like it,
it’s more dynamic anyway. – [Jacob] Yeah, I ended up
happy with how it came out. Got the belt in there of course. – [Nathan] Jacob I really like
the way you sketch things. I like this chunky brush. – [Jacob] Yeah, it helps
me to not be so particular. There’s the Nimbus cloud behind him, because I figure he would still ride that, because in the Avatar world,
people can’t really fly. I’m about to get into the
inking here I believe. Oh there’s the Air Bender. – Oh smart.
– The Air Temple logo. – [Nathan] I just left mine blank because I figured that’s what Bluth would do. – [Jacob] Probably. – [Nathan] We don’t have
time to animate this symbol in every frame. – [Julia] I like this square brush. – [Jacob] Yeah, I wanted to
use my sort of blocky one that doesn’t have any
line weight variation, because a lot of animation
cells use a brush with no variation. I ended up going a little too thick on it, which is one of my weaknesses. I tried to make it go way
thinner than I was comfortable with, because that’s, in animation, the lines are super thin, and
I thought it was the right weight, but then by the
time I realized it should be thinner, it was too late,
so I just kept going, but that’s art. – [Julia] Wow, it looks so clean. – [Nathan] It’s a real clean. – [Jacob] Yeah, it does give
a very clean animation cell type of look, which is
what I was going for. – [Nathan] What brush is this? – [Julia] It’s a big blocky brusher? – [Jacob] It’s a custom brush that I, I edited one of Kyle Webster’s
blocky painter brushes, and I took out all of the texture to it, and all of the variation,
and just made it like, it’s literally a rectangle
that does not change size or opacity or anything. And I just really like
it, because then I can, no matter how far zoomed out or in I am, I don’t have to adjust my pressure. I can use a really light
hand, and I get the same line no matter what, which
sometimes is what I want. – This looks great.
– Yeah. – [Jacob] At this point, I
was much more in the mood. Like, when it started coming together, I started feeling a lot better about it. – [Julia] Yeah, sometimes in order to get out of the art zone, like art rut rather, you have to draw something that you’re more comfortable with. – [Jacob] I just saved there, Julia. – [Julia] Oh my god,
you finally saved now? – [Nathan] You reached a point
where you wanted to save. – [Julia] Stressin’ me out! (laughing) But sometimes, in order
to get out of the art rut, you’ve just gotta draw something fun, and something that you enjoy,
and something you’re more comfortable with, and then
you can draw whatever. Reset yourself. – [Nathan] This Goku’s so chill. – [Julia] Yeah he is. – [Jacob] Goku’s got a chill vibe. Goku’s not an intense dude
until he has to do a murder. – [Nathan] Yeah, I love it. – [Jacob] I’m also realizing
as I look at it now, that the hand holding the
staff, it does almost look like it’s on backwards the way I drew it. – [Julia] A little bit. – [Jacob] Which I didn’t draw
it backwards in my mind– – [Nathan] No, that’s just
like the, there’s the thumb, and then there’s that
extra sort of, that bit. That like chunk at the bottom. – [Jacob] Looking at it
now, I probably would, if I were gonna work on this more later, I would dive back in and
make sure that was clearly not on backwards. So then at this point,
the line work is done, and I just jump into the shading, which I had a nice time
with, just a fun simple sort of shade job. – [Nathan] There’s some
shading in Avatar– – [Jacob] Yeah, there is. – [Nathan] Yeah, that’s nice. Avatar is such a pleasant– – [Jacob] I hit the wrong
key a few times and bring up that stupid F4 menu on the Mac, and you’ll also see me hit
F6 a few times and bring out the color pallet accidentally. I really start losing it
as I’m going along here. – [Julia] Yup, there we go. – [Jacob] There it was again. I was having fun with it,
and I think he does look like he matches the Avatar sort
of universe pretty well. – [Nathan] Definitely, yeah. – [Julia] Yeah, absolutely. This looks great. – [Jacob] I really had wanted
to get a more dynamic pose on this one, but like I said, some days, you just can’t. – [Nathan] Some days,
you just gotta go with what you can get, and what
you’ve got is very good. – [Jacob] Some days, you’ve
just got to do what you do. The tattoo’s coming in. – [Nathan] Give him the arrow. – [Jacob] Which I’ve gotta
work on, gotta sort of shape up there a little
bit, ’til it fits the head sort of the right way. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Coming down the arm there. Yeah, and then I just do
some background stuff, which, again, you’ll see me doing a bit of messing around with this. I wanted like the Nimbus going behind him, and originally, I wanted to do it so that the black lines on the cloud
were like the green color they are in the show, which
I thought would look good, but then when I put in the
blue gradient background, I actually hated the way it looked. So you’ll see me go back in and
take out the line completely and decide to add in this
chunk shading in there to sort of differentiate–
– Differentiate! – [Jacob] The bottom from
the top, and then I remove– – [Nathan] But you still
have the little swirlies. – [Jacob] Yeah, I leave the
swirls, take out the lines. – [Nathan] Oh that’s really, I like that. – [Julia] Yeah, that’s a good idea. – Jacob, I like that.
– Made it look nicer. – [Nathan] That did make it look nicer. – [Jacob] I got a little
painty brush to do some of the sort of painter style clouds. – [Nathan] That’s what I
would’ve done if I had more time. I don’t know the brushes well enough to. – [Jacob] I honestly just picked a random, one of the real oils, Kyle’s Real Oils. And I fade the trail back
there, and that’s it. – [Nathan] That’s an Aang. That’s Goku. – [Jacob] That’s Gokaang. – Gokaang.
– Aangku. Aang-kun. (laughing) – [Julia] Well, Jacob, you
did a better job with the art than you did naming him, but. (laughing) It looks great.
– Yeah, this is fun. – [Jacob] Thank you. That means it’s Julia’s time! – Yeah.
– Hi. Are you guys ready to pivot? – Yes!
– I’d love to pivot. – [Julia] Because I hope
you’re ready for no lines! – Ooh!
– Okay, that’s uh, bold. – [Julia] I rely so heavily on
doing lines and dark shading, that I didn’t want to do
that this time, I wanted to get out of my comfort
zone, so I did kind of like, it’s hard to explain, but
it’s kind of a mix between Magic: The Gathering style,
and also the paintings that are hanging up in
the Dishonored games, which is art by Piotr Joblanski. – [Jacob] Okay, so you went
for something very specific that no one will know. – [Nathan] But everyone’s gonna love it. – [Julia] But you’re gonna
know it when you see it. – [Jacob] For our YouTube show! – [Julia] I’m sorry,
it’s, you could call it Magic: The Gathering style,
because it does have that vibe to it of like the darker cards and stuff. So I went with that. – All right.
– I’m very psyched to see it, I bet it’s gonna look dope. – [Nathan] Count us in. – [Jacob] Three, two, one, go! – [Julia] Okay, you can
see that I went with my big chunky green sketch lines that I do, which is usually what I use
when I’m trying to figure out just the composition. – [Jacob] You’ve already got like this is an adult body shape,
an angry adult body shape. – [Nathan] He’s wearing like Saiyan armor. – [Jacob] Yeah, we have
Saiyan armor going. So a bit of more of an aggressive look. Is that like splashing waves or something? – It’s rocks coming up.
– Oh, he’s creating a crater? – [Julia] Yeah, like maybe
he landed, and the rocks are kind of up and flying. Yeah. You can see this ugly– – [Jacob] This is a wretched
combination of colors. (laughing) – [Julia] It’s bad to look at. – [Nathan] That’s how you get
yourself to finish the drawing or painting. Get it off, get it off the screen! – [Julia] Get it away, get it away! So I wanted, in some Magic
cards, they do this really cool job of getting just very geometric, and that’s something that I wanted to do, as if they put tape on the canvas, and made shapes with that,
and I wanted to keep some sort of painted texture sky. I wanted to keep the textures in there, which is also something
I’m super uncomfortable with doing. – [Jacob] Here’s where
you paused for awhile. – [Julia] Here’s where I paused apparently for an eternity. – [Jacob] Okay, then you came back. – [Julia] I think I was
trying to figure out colors. – [Jacob] That’s where
I gave up. (laughing) – [Nathan] I wanted to
see if we also would just stay quiet for that bit. Everybody’s gonna be like
“Did the video freeze?” – [Julia] Yeah, I thought the video froze. I kind of forgot what was happening. – [Jacob] We all got silent
as the video stopped moving. – [Julia] I was like “Oh no,
I’ve messed up the recording “of my video.” – [Nathan] Holy shit,
Julia, this is so cool. I would be terrified of a
canvas that looked like this. I would not know what to do. – [Julia] I was very
uncomfortable, I can tell you that. And here’s me trying to
map out how to draw this. – [Jacob] Yeah, trying
to actually get the. – [Julia] Yeah, try to get this mood in, because I also had to make him
a little bit more realistic. Try to give him that Magic feel. I had to tilt it because the
chin was looking weird to me. – You got an elf ear.
– You gave him elf ears. – [Julia] I gave him a
little bit of a pointy ear because they’re Saiyans. – Fantasy…
– Fantasy Saiyan. All right, that’s kind of fun,
like a fantasy-eske version. – [Julia] Yeah, you know. I should probably fully disclose that I’m giving the people what they want. – [Jacob] Yeah, because
I’ve been thinking– – [Julia] I didn’t do a Goku. – [Jacob] This aint a Goku. – [Julia] I did a Vegeta. – [Nathan] This is my favorite Goku. – [Jacob] This is my
favorite Goku, Vegeta. (laughing) – [Julia] I knew that just
everyone would tweet at me saying “Do a Vegeta”, so I did a Vegeta. – [Nathan] Two Gokus and a Vegeta. Two and a half Gokus. – [Jacob] Pretty much, he’s
like half the size of Goku. – [Julia] So yeah, so
I had a reference photo of an action figure of Vegeta,
and then I changed the body positioning a little bit, and I obviously made him a little bit
more realistic more or less, and I had to sketch him out fully. – [Nathan] His widow’s peak doesn’t go like all the way down. – [Julia] Yeah, that was, I was like “How far do I go with this? “Where’s realistic, and
where’s just balding?” Which would’ve been fine, but
I didn’t feel like doing that. – [Nathan] You did such good
line work in your sketch, and you’re just covering it all up. You’re doing a bunch of stuff that, as an artist, is stressing me out. – [Jacob] Yeah, it stresses
me out too, definitely. – [Nathan] I know it’s
gonna turn out good, but boy oh boy. – [Julia] Yeah, you’ll see
me do a lot of push and pull, and I put the lines on top,
and then I put them back under, and then I just get rid of
them entirely at some point. – [Nathan] This is why Julia
always has to show hers last. (laughing) – [Jacob] Well she’s gonna be doing something buck wild every time. – [Nathan] Yeah, I love this. – [Jacob] And like, just
given the time frame we have, I can’t afford to try something like this. – [Julia] Well you mention
doing these episodes, and then I just go home and I
think about how I’m gonna get it done and what the process will be, so that when I come in to actually do it, I have an attack plan more or less. – [Jacob] But even with an attack plan, my plan wouldn’t matter,
it’s the execution that is the issue. – [Nathan] What brushes
are you using here? – [Julia] This, well
to block everything in, I used my favorite chisel shiv brush, which just gives you that
nice crisp solid line, and then for this, it’s a
push and pull with a lot of the oils. Oil lush with the texture
off, is this, and then I just marquee it so that I can
do one leg at a time, because there’s so much
overlap, and I want to make sure that they stay distinct,
because then I’ll go back in, and I’ll put some like rim lighting on it, or some bounce light, try
to make them stand out from each other. I’m going with some darker– – [Jacob] These muscles
are like popping so much. – [Julia] I really wanted
them to pop, because in Magic: The Gathering
cards, man do they love to make those come in and out, so. Yeah, so I just, I started
off with this base shadow, and then I go in with almost
a black to try to just really make everything shine,
and something that I did with this, is that I didn’t do highlights. – [Nathan] How long did this take you? – [Julia] Like an hour and a half. – That’s, mine took longer.
– Yeah, mine did too. – [Jacob] It took me longer to do mine, and it was something that is absolutely in my comfort zone. (laughing) – [Julia] Really the only
thing I had to figure out was how– – [Jacob] Shut up, Julia. (laughing) – [Julia] I didn’t have
to worry about drawing or anything, or in different styles, I just had to figure out a paint style. – [Jacob] That makes it harder! – [Julia] I just had to
put him in real anatomy! – [Nathan] This is so like– – [Jacob] Yeah, just
put him in real anatomy. Easy. – [Nathan] This is so good. This is so good! Like, I, I just don’t like, I don’t want to say anything,
I just want to watch it. – [Jacob] Yeah, those bodies
really like popping out now. – [Julia] I was really proud
of how his legs came out. Especially because I,
again, did not want to put any highlights in, so it
stayed in that darker mood. You know? – [Jacob] You did a good
job sticking to like the color pallet that you’re working with. Kind of this grayer area. – [Julia] I tried to really
stick to the left side of my color pallet, because
I use that bog standard color pallet that you’re given. – [Nathan] Bog standard? – [Julia] Bog standard. – That’s a phrase.
– Yeah. The one where it’s like
white to black on the left, and then the saturation is
highly saturated on the right. – [Jacob] Yeah, the one we all use. The normal Photoshop one, right? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] I thought you were
about to give him his mustache from the brief period of Dragon Ball Z where he had a mustache. I was gonna be like “Wow,
that’s a bold move.” – [Julia] I should’ve done that, but I didn’t know he had that. – [Jacob] Yeah, he had
a mustache for a bit, and everyone made fun of him for it. – [Julia] Amazing. – [Jacob] Then he got rid of it. – [Julia] I tried to add in
some red tints to his skin so he looks a little more alive. Here’s me trying to brush
in some of the hair, because god I don’t know
how to figure out this hair. – That looks great.
– That looks really good. The thing about this,
Julia, is it’s really good. – [Jacob] The angles on the
jagged like rocks you did, that’s fucking wild to me. I’ve never figured out
a good way to do that. – [Julia] It’s uh, polygonal
lasso tool, I figured out, is just a lot of fun to
play with, and you can see that I tried to add some
more in to see if I liked it, because I just, the whole thing felt a little incomplete to me,
so I was adding some in, and I wound up taking
a bunch out, and then– – [Jacob] I like those. – [Julia] Yeah, this was me putting in some more rock texture. Oh yeah, and then I thought
maybe I wanted to make it a little green, and then I wind
up just trashing that whole segment, I didn’t want to do the green. – [Jacob] Yeah, I kinda like the look, the feel of it with this
sort of grayscale-ish, like gray day. It’s bleak. – [Nathan] It’s like a Zack
Schneider movie, but good. – [Julia] I was also thinking
about putting like a planet and a moon in the background,
but I didn’t like it, so I just got rid of it. – I liked it.
– I liked it, but it was bringing too much attention over there. This is me using the pen
tool, I’m gonna use it as my selection tool. Because the pen tool, you can
draw lines with the pen tool, and then you can go to
make selection so that when you’re making it, you can adjust like the waypoints of it while
you’re working on it. So I was trying to give
him some like smoke that was coming off that rocky cliff. – [Nathan] You did so many
more things in an hour and a half than Jacob and I did. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think just
from a sheer number of things standpoint, we really look like assholes. – [Nathan] We don’t
look like assholes, but it’s just, oh shit! What’s going on here? – [Julia] Smoke coming off of him. That’s kind of what I
was trying to go for. I can’t remember if I
wound up keeping this. I think I did. – [Jacob] It’s almost got like a veins– – [Julia] Yeah, which
is not what I wanted, so I was unsure if I wanted to keep it. I think I wind up do keeping it. – Yeah, it looks great.
– It looks really cool. – [Julia] Good. And yeah, I think, oh
yeah, and I’m darkening up the backgrounds a little
bit, trying to give it some more colors,
some reds, some purples, trying to make it eerie. – [Nathan] It’s just
like everything about it is leading the eye right into– – [Jacob] Right into our beautiful Vegeta. – [Nathan] Into our
Vegeta, my favorite Goku. – [Julia] And I think that’s it. That’s it for my Vegeta. – [Nathan] Love, this
amazing painting of Vegeta labeled goku.psd. (laughing) – [Julia] This is Goku, right? – [Jacob] That’s perfect. – [Julia] That’s a Goku. – [Nathan] Julia this is so good! – [Julia] I’m glad. Oh, you can also see
that my Photoshop broke at some point, so if you look at the top, my Photoshop just started to break. – [Jacob] Yeah, what’s going on up there? It’s like coming apart at the seams. – [Julia] That’s what
starts to happen sometimes. So halfway through
this, it kind of started to get busted, but it’s all right, it didn’t affect my work flow. – [Jacob] That’s Gokus. – [Julia] That’s Gokus. – [Jacob] Oh man, all right,
I’ve got to get to work. – [Nathan] I’m inspired,
yeah, like holy shit. – [Jacob] For the next one of these, I’ve got to find a way
to come out swinging. – [Nathan] Yeah. – Welp!
– Anyway. – That’s Gokus!
– That’s Gokus. As they say in the
business, “That is Gokus.” – [Jacob] Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll definitely be doing
more of these in the future. We like to do ’em just
occasionally when we feel like it. It’s fun to do. – [Nathan] It’s fun to do, it’s fun to see what you guys come up with. I’m always very impressed. – [Jacob] Fun to do, fun to see, and we hope it is fun
for you to see as well. If you have any other
ideas for like characters we could do in different styles, let us know down in the comments below! – [Nathan] Also ideas for styles, because I’m running out of ideas. – [Julia] Not ones that
we’ve done already. – [Jacob] Yeah, also you
can catch us on Twitch over on and
we do streams on Monday nights from 7-9, and Fridays from 2-5 EST, and 3-5 is what I meant to say. And that’s about it, other than that. I’m just sorry. – Sorry.
– Sorry!

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