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100 Replies to “Artist Vs. Beauty Lover • Insect Makeup Challenge”

  1. I loved Cedee's more because I loved the wings she made on her cheeks, they look "transparent" like the wings of a real bug would look. But maybe im just biased.

  2. she chose her words wisely can we get James Charles here and Jeffrey you won't believe the drama @richlux

  3. When she said oil painter I cringed. I personally can’t stand oil paints but you I’m glad she enjoys them.

  4. I’ve always been fascinated with insects. I’ve kept rolly pollies and extinct in the wild beautiful roaches. Yes, beautiful roaches. There is such thing. They’re from Guinea, recently discovered in 2004 in a single cave and sadly shortly after the cave was scheduled to be mined for bauxite. Luckily the scientist that discovered them brought some home with him to the US, where the species is kept alive thanks to the roach hobby

  5. The beetle girl looks more like a butterfly and the butterfly girl looks like it has trees growing

  6. I've never seen someone with a spelling of cede as close go mine so this video actually made me very happy

  7. The makeup artist didnt remind me even a bit of a bug i would disqualify it for not fitting? :/
    But she looked real pretty! :3

  8. On I am SO happy with the direction their looks went!!! Very different from each other, very wholesome, NOT predictable

  9. I mean when you say it's an insect makeup challenge… It IS an INSECT makeup challenge. Therefore, Cedee should've won, no doubt about it???

  10. The reason makeup artists almost never win is because buzzfeed doesn’t have any good makeup artists 😂

  11. It seems like I often have to respectfully disagree with the judges, but I do agree that it's ALWAYS a difficult choice!!!!!

  12. I wish you’d do videos on makeup that were realistic. I don’t know anyone who would want to look like this in public. 👎

  13. The artist did it way better. She incorporated the transparent wings and the gradients nicely. Plus, the makeup was blended beautifully.

  14. they shouldnt have made a competition out of it, just make it a challenge and enjoy them having fun

  15. Artist actually looks like a butterfly, like I could actually see what it was, other girl….not so much

  16. the artist deserved to win if you asked me to describe what was on kailyns face i wouldn’t be able to tell it was an insect ..

  17. I was literally thinking beetles are super colorful and beautiful, and they'd be great for this kind of challenge!

  18. the only thing "makeup lover" had going for her were those white dots. Otherwise, it just looked like heavy eyeshadow and weird lines drawn on her head.

  19. Its weird how the girl who wanted to make a butterfly inspired look didnt achieve that at all and instead her opponent did 😂

  20. I love kaylin’s make up look more. Its so elegant and precise. The artist girl is good too but its not that clean. Idk. Sorry

  21. I might have to disagree with Chloe's decision. Cedee's look was more bug-like? And I loved the details she put in, the color as well was nice! So for me I think the dragonfly/beetle look won! ☺

  22. you should have them not look at each other in the process so it can be this big reveal to not only the viewers but each other

  23. Totally the wrong choice and I don't understand why they only have one judge they need to go around and get votes from at least 10 people you know

  24. first time to me that the makeup lover actually was the best (although they neither one looked like what they said lol)

  25. I think the artist could have won if she didn't do butterfly wings on a dragonfly and dragonflies have very short antennae which also made it look more like a butterfly that may have been what confused the judge I would have loved it if she would have played with the transparent wing idea a little more and had the color show lightly in some areas her idea is definitely a lot more fun and interesting the makeup lovers butterfly look is interesting too but I don't think I would be able to tell its a butterfly or butterfly inspired by just looking so I do love the artist's look more I think they should let them see images of what they want to do first so that they can get more of a feel on the look they want

  26. The make up lover decided to do something crazy because let's be honest here the artist one that by a landslide she stuck to theme the makeup girl even said she didn't know where she was going 😂 but each our own

  27. I personally don’t like that they do it as a “challenge” with a winner at the end cause it makes things very awkward at the end.

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