Art For Everyone

Art For Everyone

As an artist, you make decisions and
everything you decide makes that a unique piece and speaks in your voice.
– I’m really enjoying the exploration of it and, you know, just kind of sort of
capturing images and ideas and try to get the feeling of it on canvas.
It’s very rewarding. When you do sumi-e or zen painting or
Chinese brush painting, the idea is to kind of clear your heart and clear your
mind, and you do that while you’re grinding your ink. You’re making
your ink. The ink that I can make with this is just much richer than what I can
get with this, so sometimes I put this in here and then I go like that.
– The Creative Art Society is a 501c3 nonprofit organization of artists, nearly
100 artists. Our members, our organization, and our purpose is to hang art
throughout the Austin community. We have quarterly meetings now with
programs to educate young people, old people, anyone that wants to know more
about art. Most of our members are artists, but you don’t have to be.
You can join just because you enjoy being around art and artists.
– I started painting about two years ago after I retired. I’m just working part
time now, and so I always wanted to paint. My background is in engineering,
and so when I first started out painting I was very precisely meticulous and I
really – it’s been a real challenge for me to free up and to use a bigger brush and
to blur the edges, but I find that that makes for a much more interesting painting.
– It’s all about the light and the shadows and the design and taking your eye through
the piece, and ultimately, with any piece of art, it’s about the reaction you get
from the people who look at it, you know. If you can connect to your viewer then
you’ve been successful. When I look at art, it draws emotion, it draws
experience, past experience. It draws happiness, sadness, all of those different
emotions. It’s different for everyone. – We have, as you can see, a huge variety of
artists and a lot of talent, and as an organization that we can get that
out there and it gives our artists an opportunity to get it out of their
studio because if it’s in a corner in my studio it’s not doing its job. People
aren’t seeing it. People aren’t enjoying it.

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