Art Encounter That Changed My Life

Art Encounter That Changed My Life

have you encountered something on your travels that have shaped up your world when you travel they meet amazing people that might change the course of your life forever but as an art worker I want to talk about a different kind of encounter encounter that made me fell in love with art in a way that there was no turning back I think I was 12 years old at the time I studied Russian as the first language in school and I really wasn’t very good at it the sentence I still remember is is Bonita yeah Abbess dally because her class was very small they were only for students studying Russian we got a special chance to join the other students on the class trip to San Petersburg it’s amazing that such a CD is less than 600 kilometers from my hometown to Russian and Sun Petersburg is such a different universe than Finland there is five million people living in San Petersburg it’s the same amount of people that there is living in the whole Finland that’s crazy there is a little bit of silicon is present but also endless amount of gorgeous palaces romantic parks and the cute kernels I do recommend everyone to visit in st. Petersburg there is Hermitage Museum it’s the second largest Art Museum in the world did you know that I bet you didn’t back then when I was 12 and I hope it still is like that it was free for students to visit so of course we went back then I did already draw a lot but art wasn’t my first happy my family was way more into sports than they where for arts I actually used a space guide in a national team of Finland competing all over Europe in Hermitage we walk through the antiques and the prehistoric art they were jewelry Renaissance and Baroque art beautiful artifacts for sure but nothing really that catch my interest I think I was way more interested gossiping with my classmates until we reach the third floor and the friends impersonalist there I saw the harmony in red by Malthus and my world stopped I stared at the painting for at least 10 minutes I know 10 minutes doesn’t sound that long but it is a long time for twelve-year-old girl I don’t know was it the massive size or the striking color Fred Alfred or was it the presence and absence of perspective at the same time or was it too concentrated female figure in the corner that is arranging the fruits while the whole world around her does not know where to sit in space whatever it was I was impressed it’s one thing to see a picture in a book or an Internet but it’s a whole another story to see the life when you see it alive you can put your nose as close as you’re allowed to and see you really see the brushstrokes these brush strokes are the ones that Henri Matisse did 1908 it’s almost like meeting the artists himself traveling in time and visiting him in his italia with full of colorful textiles and unfinished paintings melissa has ever since this encounter with one of my biggest idols this was one of that turning points when I decided that I need to become an artist next year after this trip I took my first painting class and a little bit later I applied to that art high school it’s great that we have things like Google Earth and we can see thousand of artworks all over Internet but consider that that’s only the sneak peek of the painting if you have a chance go visit your favorite paintings alive you’ll see that the painting is way more than just an image it’s almost like a living breathing thing thank you for tuning in I hope you enjoyed my art travel story I am le monde pad this was le Mamba alright this was my entry to my mondo world contest if you like this video consider giving your vote for me that would be highly appreciated I will put the link below in the description box consider subscribing and visiting my art blog at le mabye that come and follow me in Instagram le mop until next time inspire and peace bye [Music]

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