AoD   Benjamin Ing   Creative Arts and Design Award

AoD Benjamin Ing Creative Arts and Design Award

Thank you so much for this award and great honor and
recognition amongst my alumni here at
Algonquin College just finished service here at
Noma in Copenhagen. Been thinking about how to
put into words on how Algonquin has given me the, the building blocks and how
the, the school of culinary arts
has shaped my career and, and who to thank and what
to thank them for but, it’s really indescribable on,
on, on how, you know, Algonquin has, has taught me. The teachers, the people have
a really, you know, I haven’t forgotten what
they’ve taught me and and how they guided me. Really, I don’t know, I feel like it’s sort of salt of the earth chefs and
instructors and really honest people and, that really speaks to me and
how I’ve pursued my career as a chef. And you know, a few names come
to mind with chef Mario Ramsey
who just retired like really like to thank him
and chef Sean Edwards and Scott Warrick who, you know, I just feel like they’ve,
they gave me an honest path of, on how to go about cooking and
experience different, experiencing different
cultures and traveling and really pushing
me without even, you know, knowing me, I was there for
two years and, you know, they, they saw a little bit
of light in me and, and, and how I worked and really, really gave me some honest
truth and advice and I really
appreciate their, their advice and hard
work, as a teacher and a professor
and a chef. And I’d like to thank all of,
all my fellow students as well because we had a great group in the, in the class of 2006
or 2007. Without them, of course it
wouldn’t be as enjoyable and, and we really worked as a
team. I can remember that we had a
really good group of people and I wouldn’t be able to do
without them and, and, and pursue my career
as I, as I had. But thank you so much, it’s a
real great honor, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. But thank you again.

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