Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory

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100 Replies to “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Marvel Characters From Memory”

  1. Jonni's not even trying.. I know that artist have their own and different art style, but I can't even call him an artist, or call his drawing an art.

  2. Jonni’s drawing is not bad. Stop saying that a three year old could do what Jonnie drew because they couldn’t. See if they could.. Jonni has good shading and lines

  3. Jackie radiates such mom energy. I try and explain anything to my mom about superhero or video game-related stuff and she says "I don't care. It's all the same guy."

  4. Jonni's drawing is really cool I don't understand how people are saying he can't draw just because his art style is different??

  5. Wait wasn't captain marvel a black woman who could change into energy forms and control different types of energy? She wore a white and black costume right?

  6. When I watch Jonni draw the style reminds me of Chris O’Neill’s style. Very creepy and disproportionate. It makes me wanna rewatch Doodle Doods.

  7. I love how jackie and kevin communicate like father and daughter. Kevin is really mature on responding to every Jackie's opinion. Lmao

  8. Jonni probably hates her job anyways. She’s going freelance which I’m all for, her animations are traditional and she uses drawn paper cut outs which give her a really unique style NOT shown here.

  9. I don't know who Jonni is but sorry… is she even trying to be either good or entertaining? It's fine for an artist to have a style, but if you're completely unable to do anything outside of it, and you can't convey any kind of personality through your drawings… what the hell are you doing?

  10. Jonni not knowing the char and then managed to draw perfect likeness of the Captain Marvel movie version, pretty badass

  11. Kevin:My favorite Spiderman from spiderverse was Peter B. Parker.
    do you wanna know why?

    Jackie:Is it coz your old?

    Also Kevin:😐

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