Alumni Profile: Mitchell Stacey (Visual Arts graduate)

Alumni Profile: Mitchell Stacey (Visual Arts graduate)

A lot of people were using the wheel
and making pots and I was sculpting monsters on the side and doing little things like that. I just, that was, I don’t know, it was more my forte, I think, than anything else in that, in that course. I’m owner and operator of a company called Indie FX Studio
which specializes in special effects makeup and prosthetic fabrication for film and television. I graduated Clarenville High, um, ’98. From there, when it came to post-secondary education time, I was like really, I was interested in art my whole life
so I decided to take the Visual Arts Program in College of the North Atlantic in ’98. I graduated from there in 2000 with my diploma then wondering, you know, thinking I needed to
specialize somewhere else in the field, I decided to attend Complections
International in Toronto which was a special effects makeup school. Ever since I was a young kid, I loved horror movies, I grew up on them and then I go into Walmart and stores like
that, then buying Halloween type products and fake blood and all that type of stuff and I used to do myself up Halloween. I used to do friends up, and I used to play around with it all year round really so. When I lived with a guy in Stephenville
who told me his friend had went to the school Complections in Toronto, a light bulb went on in my head and I said “wow that’s for me”, I said right up my alley so. I could paint and I can draw and stuff but it was the sculpting that, I just knew, that it was my forte, like it sort of stood out from everything
else that I could do. Every year for me has been a
career highlight because it just gets busier and busier every year. So for this year, I could say I was lucky
enough to work with Tom Savini in a music video but the actual career highlight of that was; he was in Toronto this year for the
Rue Morgue Festival of Fear to which they have an after party every
year with a costume contest. So I entered two zombies from a short
film I did this year called The Post Lifers into that costume contest and Tom Savini
picked as them first place and that was, you know, (whistles) definitely made me a happy man.

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