Alien Craft Video / DIY Crafts by EconoCrafts

Alien Craft Video / DIY Crafts by EconoCrafts

Hi guys. This is Jenny with EconoCrafts, and today
we’re gonna learn how to make this alien craft. So, first mix your white and black paint to
create gray. Then paint both bottoms of your paper plates
completely. While your paint is still wet, shake on your
glitter, and then set aside to dry. Now, take a water bottle and you’re going
to cut it in half and make sure you use the bottom side of your water bottle and set it
aside. Once your paper plate is dry, glue the rim
of your paper plate and then stick your other paper plate on top. Just like that. Now, we have our flying saucer. Hot glue on pom-poms to the rim of your paper
plate. Just like that. Now, take a large pom-pom and you’re gonna
hot glue on your googly eyes. Once your googly eyes are on, you’re going
to hot glue on your little alien that you’ve created to the top of your flying saucer in
the center. Just like that. And now, you’re gonna hot glue the rim of
your water bottle and make sure your pom-pom is enclosed by the water bottle and press
down. And, now you have your alien craft. You can find all the supplies you’ll need
at, link in the description below. If you enjoyed this video, please make sure
to like and share to anyone who may benefit. We come out with new videos every week, so
make sure you keep on your notification bell to get alerts whenever a new video is up. If you have any questions about arts and crafts
or have any craft ideas, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching.

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