AEW SHOOTS On CM Punk, WWE & Saudi Arabia! WWE Raw In About 4 Minutes (Nov. 18, 2019)! | WrestleTalk

AEW SHOOTS On CM Punk, WWE & Saudi Arabia! WWE Raw In About 4 Minutes (Nov. 18, 2019)! | WrestleTalk

Triple H has clashed backstage over NXT at
Survivor Series! AEW’s top boss has fired shots at CM Punk, WWE’s relationship with
Saudi Arabia and Randy Orton! And the wrestling on last night’s Raw was great, the finishes,
eh not so much. Click the timestamps below to jump to any
of those stories right now. Don’t worry, we’ve still got the short review of Raw
which is coming up right now, and I’ll be replying to comments for the first 30 minutes
after this video goes live! It’s just that YouTube’s algorithm is kicking those shorter
videos’ butts, so we’re trying out the best of both worlds!
I’m Oli Davis, and welcome to the 18th November 2019 Raw… in about 4 minutes! Rather fittingly a year after the angle that
made her during SmackDown’s invasion of Raw, Becky Lynch opened this Survivor Series
go-home episode saying she doesn’t give a bollocks about brand supremacy. Can someone
please tell Vince McMahon that we don’t either. So she wants to have a good old Irish
fight in Boston right now. The IIconics interrupted with their accents,
which brought out Charlotte Flair. Because she’s blonde. She cut a heelish promo claiming
‘forces’ want Charlotte and Becky to tag together, which is presumably WWE’s new
way of saying ‘plot holes’, and they made Billie Kay tap in about a minute. Then the
3 Horsewomen of Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir attacked the 2 Horsewomen
of Flair and Lynch, where Becky awesomely punched a security guard in the face in frustration.
That’s 5 out of a potential 8 Horsewomen. It’s happening.
Caruso alert! Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins are such an enhancement act, even their backstage
interviews are squash matches, where AOP beat them up so they couldn’t have their tag
team title main event. Humberto Carillo beat Karl Anderson with the
Street Profits’ help to get a United States title match against AJ Styles next week. Which
would be a good story of the underdog babyface working his way through a faction, if AJ hadn’t
already beaten him decisively three times in a row.
Lana revealed she’s filed for divorce and has a restraining order on Rusev for 90 miles.
Or 90 days. Or 90 feet. Nobody really knows because she forgot her lines. Bobby Lashley
then beat No Way Jose with the Masterlock and snogged Lana. Weirdly, the ‘Rusev Day’
chants were probably the loudest the crowd were for anything on the show, despite this
storyline being cucking awful. Caruso alert! Seth Rollins says he’s putting
his Team Raw spot on the line against Andrade because he fights all challengers. Which still
doesn’t really make sense – but it’s ok because this match was great. That’s how
you make Seth cool again – in great matches that get time. The near falls got me, and
the crowd were chanting Burn It Down but then… Lucha House Party interfered in SmackDown
shirts. I was momentarily very excited, thinking they might be starting a faction with Andrade,
because Brand Split LOL, but then they attacked him too, for Seth and Andrade to unite and
fight them off. Because they just love Raw so much.
This was a very lame finish to a great TV match, and one that doesn’t make any sense
– as if SmackDown truly wanted to screw with Raw, they’d help Andrade win, as Seth’s
Survivor Series captaincy was on the line. So it’s just a spot rather than anything
with substance. Samoa Joe’s on commentary, by the way. He’s
very good, and much bigger than everyone else. Then Buddy Murphy revealed himself as the
One Who Knocks, finally challenging Aleister Black trapped in the closet! Which Black missed,
only making it out when Murphy had already left. 7 months this storyline’s been going
on for. 7 months, and you miss the second person to actually knock.
Murphy then won a really exciting match against Akira Tozawa, remember him! And Black and
Buddy had a staredown afterwards. That eventual encounter will be a kick type Pokemon.
Rowan beat an enhancement talent while the Singh Brothers and R-Truth ran round the ring
for the 24/7 title, and he’s still got his weird pet carrier thing. This is such a waste
of Big Red. I’m calling it now, Truth and Rowan are going to end up as a comedy tag
team. Yes, Kevin Owens vs Drew McIntyre doesn’t
make any sense, because they’re fighting alongside each other for Team Raw at Survivor
Series on Sunday. Surely they should be working on working together. That said, I don’t
care because this match was absolutely incredible. his was an excellent match, with two amazing
rope break near falls and a this is awesome chant. I don’t want either man to lose!
Oh, but not like that. Triple H’s music hit, Raw went to an adbreak,
and came back to an in-ring segment with Hunter and KO. Drew had Thanosed away along with
the idea there was ever actually a wrestling match going on. Triple H tried to recruit
KO, and it all turned into an NXT vs Raw brawl. Say it with me folks, it’s spots, with noooo
substance! Caruso Alert! Here’s Paul Heyman to reveal
Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio will be No Holds Barred. Interestingly, he never says it’s
a spoiler Brock will win. It’ll either be a miracle or a massacre. That’s important,
because every time Heyman says spoiler, Brock wins lol, Brock has won.Rey then cut an excellent
promo in response. Asuka beat Natalya.
Caruso alert! Randy Orton will replace Hawkins and Ryder’s tag title shot with Ricochet.
The tension between them is actually really intriguing, and I like how they’re essentially
using the plot device of co-existing at Survivor Series as the first chapter in their story.
But the rest of this match was just a backdrop for all the brands to brawl with big names
like – Lucha House Party, Dolph Ziggler and Heavy Machinery.
NXT then got involved, along with some Raw midcarders and Rollins, but it was Kevin Dunn’s
motion sick camerawork that unfortunately stood tall as I couldn’t really see anything
through the crash zooms and fast cuts. Hunter said NXT’s doors will be wide open for anyone
on Raw or SmackDown this Wednesday. Which will be a difficult storyline to balance with
them also building towards Saturday’s War Games. That was this week’s Raw in about 4 minutes.
Click the ‘i’ above my head to vote for what you thought of the show, where you can
choose from: Rawsome, Cor, AvRAWge, Poor and Rawful. And let me know your thoughts in the
comments because I’ll be replying to them from outta nowhere! I thought the in-ring wrestling on this show
was terrific. Seth vs Andrade, Murphy vs Tozawa, and, mostly, Owens vs McIntyre. It’s such
a shame, then, that two were mired by really lame finishes. And the invasion storyline
unfortunately has no depth, as it’s really just spots and no substance. But I enjoyed
the wrestling so much, this week’s Raw is AvRAWge. Now over to Laurie with news on Triple H’s
backstage clash over NXT at Survivor Series, and AEW firing shots at WWE! Thanks Oli, time for some news from me. And to quickly build on that huge go home
angle from Raw, there is still some deciding to do ahead of Survivor Series. Because it currently stands that team Raw
comprised of Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton will take on
Roman Reigns, Shorty G, Mustafa Ali, Braun Strowman and King Corbin and Team NXT, which
is comprised of multi time WWE Champion vacant. Five times. The other teams don’t stand
a chance. I think it’s vacant any way because it kind
of looks like kicking out time at the Torture Garden. Now why are all those spaces vacant? Well
Triple H is either leaving them open in the hopes that Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens or someone
turns on the main roster, or he’s waiting until after Takeover Wargames to see who is
even still cleared to compete? Kona Reeves you’re up dude! Well there have been reports that it might
be backstage creative differences holding up the decision. WrestleVotes on Twitter posted
something they had heard from a source: “Hearing that over the past few weeks there
has been a push from creative to have Triple H as a member of Team NXT in the men’s elimination
match. That idea has been met w/ mixed reactions, including that of The Game. I’m told he
does NOT want to be part of the match this Sunday.” So you’re telling me Triple H doesn’t
want to put himself ahead of the development of new talent? Who said wrestling hasn’t
progressed since the attitude era? Or this year when he took on Batista with the help
of Ric Flair… Doesn’t mean they couldn’t cram Shawn
Michaels in there as trainer and captain and call it quits. Someone who previously called it quits and
now hasn’t and has made wrestling fans have emotions ranging from “you sell out” to
“I love you” is CM Punk, who will make his honest to goodness return to WWE branded
programming tonight on Backstage on Fox. Ahead of the show Punk tweeted: “It IS weird
trying to catch up on 5+ years of rasslin’, I’m doing what I can. There’s bright spots,
mostly women from what I can tell. There’s BAD too. I’m gonna talk about it, and no one
is safe. Join us. “ And then tagged Renee Young, WWE on Fox, Booked
T, Paige here, Vince McMahon and AEW President and CEO Tony Khan. Which worked the same way as tossing a pipebomb
over the garden fence – there was retaliation. Khan fired back with: “No one is safe? Sounds
like a plane full of wrestlers in Saudi Arabia!” A sick burn made up by that liar Dave Meltzer.
This naturally garnered some online heat and few were more venomous than the Viper Randy
Orton who spat back a link to an article on about Tony’s father Shahid
Khan being investigated for corruption back in 2018. Saying: “What’s that whole thing about glass
houses and stones?” Unperturbed by the shatterable nature of his
domicile, Khan retorted once more with: “I thought you only tagged me in your posts when
you were grasping for leverage. That article’s over a year old + is about baseless claims
made about my dad years ago. That’s the best you can do, nothing. Meanwhile in the time
since that was written, you used the N word on twitch.” Randy waited a while and then came back with:
“Jacksonville Dixie: Why else would I tag you? If I wanted to talk
business, I’d call your father.“ Which despite not even addressing the last
part of Tony’s point also falls down because didn’t he also just call Tony’s father
corrupt? Do you want a deal or not? While this chaos span out of his initial Tweet,
Punk hopped into a Q&A with Wale asking how often people called him Whale and if we was
gonna watch WWE on Fox. Wale, apparently drunk on Tequila on a flight,
so take what he says with a pinch of salt, and a slice of lemon said:
“Yes . Only because @ReneeYoungWWE is the curator we all need . My questions is ….Are
u gonna enter the royal rumble ? (I bet u won’t answer.. don’t worry wrestling twitter
doesn’t come here )” Punk then clarified his position again: “Nope.
I’ll talk about it though. I work for Fox!” But what if team Fox got in on Survivor Series
and then it was like Punk, Renee, Ryan Satin, Vacant and Vacant, an unstoppable team! ——————- Thank you for watching, if you liked the video
give us a thumbs up because it really helps us out and if you want to stay up to date
on your wrestling news and reviews hit the subscribe button and the bell icon to get
notified so you never miss a WrestleTalk episode. Thanks also to all of the names scrolling
away beneath me for being our Pledgehammers on Patreon, big love to ya. I’ve been El
Fakidor and that was lucha.

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