5 ways to find inspiration | My creative routine | Justine Leconte

5 ways to find inspiration | My creative routine | Justine Leconte

hi everyone its Justine! after the
holidays we’re switching years it’s the opportunity to start in your
routine store new habits and get rid of everything that prevents you from being
creative I like to look at the past year and try to take out everything that
makes me lose time makes me feel unhappy or
makes my brain feel stuck when I did time it when I was in New York I
attended to talk by a YouTube creator who is a philosopher named Cyrus North
maybe you’ve heard of him he said don’t be afraid of being born be
afraid of being boring and I couldn’t agree more
in fact I think my best ideas also do come to me when I’m bored and when my
brain has nothing to focus on so in this video I’m gonna share with you things
that I do when I call find inspiration and this video could also be titled ways
to trick your brain into getting creative everything I’m about to show
you will be also linked and listed in the description right below the video
first points earn something new every day
they are calendars or books that contain for every day of the year a quote and or
an image to think about so first thing in the morning I open this book it’s
called 365 days of fashion it’s in German but they’re also books like this
for all topics and in all languages so I open it at the page of the day I write
my thoughts about the quotes in a notebook and I keep that for later
for instance here Oscar Wilde said I have a very simple taste I’m always
happy with the best of the best and it comes with a very cool picture of 50s
women in great great outfits so I can look at the quote I can look at the
pictures and write down all my thoughts another one which my mark – is by Coco
Chanel I like it when fashion adapts to the streets but I can’t accept
that fashion could have its origin on the streets that’s where we very much
disagree Coco Chanel and Nami she probably doesn’t care but like I look at
this and it’s like my little dose of inspiration on a daily basis it’s very
easy takes me 5 minutes and it’s a way to start thinking about things that are
not baby – dues and things I must do I have to
things that I enjoy doing I also look every morning when I start my computer
at the homepage of Google for instance today as I’m filming this is the hundred
and sixteenth birthday of Melinda Trish an actress such everyone so I want to
know when was she living what were her best movies who was she in love with etc
second thing do random research here it’s about getting to know the topical
person that I wouldn’t have come up with by myself so I open a book like this one
design at glass industry design on a topic that I like it doesn’t have to be
related to fashion or to design in any ways something you’re interested in and
don’t know much about you pick a random page like this one here which I marked
here Armagnac open on chair super classic famous design piece who was he
so I start researching him and then who was he talking with in touch with who
did he get inspiration from and that second person that I find through him
will be the person I research for that day what I learn again I brought in my
notebook and it can be designed it can be a cookbook if you prefer cooking
anything that you interested in will work point number three try newly so
brain exercises there are many little books like this that you can use I hunt
those little gems when I go to bookstores and I collect them actually
this one is in German it means creative thinking I will link books to you in
English and in other languages if I if I have good ones that I can recommend you
open this and you do very very quick exercises like this one for instance
when you have nine dots that form a square all together how do you connect
those dots all of them with just three lines and it
forces you to think outside of the box and to look for something that you don’t
know readily and that gets your brain working
another example here is which letter comes after the following series oh t TF
f SS the answer will be posted on my Instagram picture of today so
check out my Instagram profile for sting use your hands you know when you brush
your teeth in the morning or when you’re taking a shower you’ll keep a new buddy
your hands busy but your brain is free and so it starts doing its own thing and
that’s when you come up with ideas you know how many people say I was in the
shower the other day and then I thought blah blah that’s what happens so just
like brushing my teeth I found something which is my new favorite toy and this
thing here first it’s blue which is awesome and then it doesn’t stick it’s
modeling clay that’s super elastic it bounces back like like a rubber ball in
five three on the floor it extends without any limit I really enjoy that
and I can use that carried around with me in the subway anywhere I’m going I’ve
been playing around with this for like three weeks and I’m fond of it I get
ideas as soon as I start touching it for instance I look out the window and I say
can I make the shape of the building that I see with this that typically
requires my hands my eyes to some extent but my brain is free and it wakes up
immediately when you keep your hands busy and do something manual your brain
wakes up with this one answer in the description below point five learn about
all the people’s tricks I find that it’s really helpful for instance this book
here I love still like an oralist it’s written by an artist it’s translated in
many languages so you’ll find your mother talking with them no doubt it’s a
best-seller what he does is that he did dramatizes the creative process which is
quite quite a relief and quite comforting it doesn’t have to be
stressful and it doesn’t start with you standing in front of a white page for
instance here he compares good thefts with bad thefts and he says good theft
is to honor where you’re taking inspiration from to study it still from
many different sources and not from one because that would be plagiarism he says
credit your sources in your inspiration transform what you see and remix and I
think those words really help get started without thinking on
I immediately have to know what I am what I want to stand for what my
aesthetics is he said that’s fine just start doing it you’ll find on the way
which is a great statement and something that I really want to hear as a creative
person those are some of the visual exercises and tricks that I used to get
my brain in motion so to speak notice that the things I’ve shown up fairly
only remotely connected to the field I work in which is fashion design and
here’s why I think that to get creative new ideas for fashion I need to look
much broader than that if I look only within the field of fashion and then
everything I’m going to come up with has been done before if that makes sense so
I research and read and hear about people and things much more broadly than
my field and I think that’s absolutely essential
I hope those little exercises were useful for you to hear and that you can
take away maybe one little thing to include into your own creative routine
for 2018 if you enjoyed this video thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
for two new videos every week every Wednesday and every Sunday I see you
very soon again take care bye

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100 Replies to “5 ways to find inspiration | My creative routine | Justine Leconte”

  1. 🤗 Happy new year! (A bit in advance) 😅. I wish you a fantastic, inspiring, creative and fashionable 2018! 😙 – Justine.

  2. Happy 2018 Justine! Once again an informative and inspirational video, thank you! I doodle to keep my hands busy. Not only has it worked for inspiration, but it helps me process problems. I have created amazing “mandalas” while processing some of my most difficult and perplexing issues. Excited to see what else you bring us this year. Love & prosperity to you!

  3. I' m the opposite at the beggining of a new year. My mind is so full of ideas i don't know what to start with first😂

  4. Happy New Year! Steal Like an Artist is an amazing book – good to see you reference it here. And the best advice is really to trick your brain into thinking that it is not thinking 🙂 Creativity is not a thinking process…not really 🙂 Best to you through this new year, and I look forward to each of your videos!

  5. This is the first video of 2018 but it might be the best on of the year 👌 great ideas, I will def try insert some in my daily life!

  6. Your top has sparked my inspiration to combine shapes and colour I like and be able to have the colour that suit me close to my face. Thanks. Great video. Always clear and precise but also fun and friendly.

  7. What a great video to watch at the beginning of a year. Here's to all of us finding inspiration and expressing our creativity in 2018! Thanks for sharing your (always) excellent advice, Justine! 🙂

  8. Such interesting ideas! Thank you for sharing them! 🙂 I have a similar putty (Thinking Putty), and while I bought it for my children, I personally LOVE manipulating it. After hearing your idea of using it as a means to let the brain think creatively, I'll probably be reaching for it much more often! 😉

  9. Reread and also read new translations of the Bible. I like the one that is written in time order of events.
    Thank you for your suggestions.

  10. Hello Justine! I wish you happy New Year and a lot of interesting videos( this wish is a bit selfish I must admit;))
    Culd you tell me where the book 365 days of fashion is available? I 've been searching whole interenet and I couldn't find.

  11. Hallo Justine, deine Videos sind immer so inspirierend – ganz dickes Dankeschön. Warst du schon in der Jil Sander Ausstellung in Frankfurt? Sehr zu empfehlen.

  12. Dear Justin! I have been following you for months and I enjoy all your videos. I am an English teacher, I like your attitude to things, your appearance, your English speech, your intelligence. I regularly use your videos in my lessons, I show them to my upper-intermediate level students. Ethical fashion was a topic they understood with the help of your videos! THANKS!!!!!!

  13. Here's something that might be inspiring for you.  Simone DeBeauvoir and this two minute video about her! A couple words of interpretation:  she has some very important insights and things to say about women and self-fashioning AND YET I also think she misses something important as well.  She misses the FUN and SELF-COMFORT/ SELF-CARE of self-fashioning.  The fact that men adopted a uniform in the 20th century (compared to women) is not necessarily a good thing (turning themselves all into factory workers????).  https://aeon.co/videos/simone-de-beauvoir-on-why-women-must-reject-the-feminine-to-become-free-and-equal

  14. I was actually beginning my year with some awful thoughts because some problems on 2017.
    I almost hated myself and my life.
    I’m so glad I’m subscribed to you because you share knowledge without judging, but encouraging with positive mind.
    Thank you.
    Happy new year and stay awesome.
    PS: I think you made a snail?

  15. Great info Justine. As a creative I admire your strength to put words and action to the process of stimulating the creative in us. So happy to have found your youtube channel. Have an amazing day.

  16. Great video and brilliant ideas! I using some of this methods too 😉 (like searching about people and their inspiration sources)
    It was interesting to find your unique ways of staying creative!

  17. I loved reading Steal Like An Artist last spring. It put me at ease for a really creative season leading up to a handmade fair. I’m grateful for the reminder – I’ll definitely give it another read. Thanks Justine!

  18. I was watching your amazingly HYPNOTIZING videos the other night and after I fell asleep, I had a very pleasant dream that you were my best friend!! It was weirdly satisfying because I've never even met you and I felt like I've known you since forever! So, happy New Year Justine, keep up the excellent job you're doing and stay healthy, positive, happy and loved.

  19. Thank you very much about this video! I downloaded an app with daily quotes. I want to write the everyday quote and make a research about the person that said those words. So far so good 🙂 I am a furniture designer 🙂 regards!

  20. I've always been terribly disappointed with myself because I seem to have many whizzing thoughts but little to no outlets to express them (and that's not yet considering the remarks of other people) : So that's led to a kind of "shutdown" of my brain over the years, where it operates off quick, digestible inputs to keep me distracted from my thoughts (cough Youtube hehehe). Nevertheless, I found your video inspiring in itself ^_^ I am aiming to do my very best in my last semester of schooling, but I also want to find more healthy outlets beyond watching videos and keeping my mind occupied better, while still taking advantage of the learning process. Thank you!

  21. Do you happen to know your Myers Briggs personality type? For example I am INTJ. So this video really appealed to me.

  22. Justine I love your channel so much! I’m a poet (who loves fashion) and I enjoy every video you post. I would strongly recommend reading the book “Bored but Brilliant”! I think you’d absolutely love it and your video reminded me of it so much. Happy new year!

  23. Thank you for reminding me that all artists feel like , "why bother, it's been done before." Good advice to help us create anyway and add in our own unique spin. Plus you're adorable, your mom must be so proud of you. Many blessings to u in 2018.

  24. I love this. Researching random people is something to do a lot. I can't get through and episode of the crown without doing it. 😆 👑

  25. I find you very inspirational. Thank you for so many fantastic ideas enriching tips. I’ll be sure to take some (if not all) onboard and put them into action. Happy New Year Justine xx

  26. Dear Justine, you are the most interesting and intelligent person on YT. I love your videos. I’m also crazy about ton style. That lipstick looks fantastic on you, perhaps the most flattering one you’ve worn since I started watching you over a year ago. Loved the long layered look, can’t imagine trying to walk in those heels, although some of the decorations are lovely. Won’t ever wear wide pants, unless I lose twenty kilos. Didn’t inherit your long, lanky figure, more’s the pity. Happy New Year to you from Toronto, Canada.

  27. Thank you again, Justine! I am going to get a 365 day calendar for art/drawing inspiration which is my new found creative outlet. I love all your ideas, and I'm glad that there are still people who use the old-fashioned book!

  28. Please do share more of your inspirational books. I am not a fashion person, but I appreciate the person you are and the way you see differently and creatively.

  29. I like to put a random word in the Google search bar. Then click on the third bar. 1st Skirt, 2nd Skirt steak, 3rd skirt board.

  30. Justine, I love your videos! Always inspiring in such a practical way. I'm a bit worried with the subtitles… there are some big mistakes. Who is doing this for you?

  31. That silvery gray sweater is gorgeous. Watching this channel makes me want to wear more oversized/loose fitted clothes

  32. Hi Justine, thank you for sharing this! For brain exercises I use the application Peak. It is free and for more flexibility you can have a paid version. Let me know what you think! 😉

  33. You're absolutely adorable, inspired and inspiring, refreshed, and refreshing. Your insights, passion, warmth and spirit always brighten my day, especially when most else fail to lift me on my darker days. In return, since you like Japan (me too, but I am from Taiwan), here's a video intro of a Japanese city that I just came across. It's truly wonderful, as with many places in Japan, the landscape, architecture, everyday living, even the craftsmen's workplaces, tools, methods and attitudes are themselves beautiful art! I think you'll enjoy this as much as I do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC7y2nvO3Lo. Take care! Wenjuan

  34. Salut Justine! first: I love listening to your voice! You are such an intelligent, thoughtful and lovely woman – you’re an inspiration to me. I can also relate to you, because you‘re a european like me! I‘m swiss german, struggeling with my french and speaking english fluently but not at all perfect. I love european history and cultures and languages, colors, shaped, textures and sounds and architecture. Though I’m more on the musically, crafty side I like to sew from time to time or upcycle old clothes. On my 15th birthday I got the 365 Tage-book! That was 10 years ago and you just reminded me of that book ☺️ Take care! Greetings from Switzerland 😊

  35. I was bored and decided to watch this video. It was an amazing video. Thank you. Love you and love your channel.

  36. I see folks all over battling and consequently now opting for power over over their particular matters, you are probably not gonna be in the position to become motivated if you happen to be not wishing to produce the choice that sets you free. The simple truth is the choices in life we help to make are positively or perhaps poorly augmenting our behaviour and thus our existence.

  37. the putty idea is absolutely amazing – I'm going to incorporate that into my daily routine – merci beaucoup Justine!

  38. Thanks for your advice! I just purchased one of the books using your Link! Keep inspiring people Justine ❣️

  39. Justine, you feed all aspects of my love for beauty, harmony, and wisdom. Your creativity and love and passion for beauty and happier earth is truly inspiring! your humor is delightful and I enjoy seeing you here! peace 🙂

  40. I start my day everyday by reading poems of my favorite poets, Hafiz and Rumi : I am originally Persian, and I would love to know more about Persian fashion in Ancient times, please. merc 🙂

  41. No wonder you are so inteligent! Try (if you like) the 6 basic exercises of anthroposophy (by R. Steiner). I found it to be very helpful. Enjoying your chanel.

  42. This is brilliant and so true. Love the tips, im going to use. Recommend Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert also as a reassuring creative guide.

  43. My .02:

    Hard to recommend this to someone who appears to have extraordinary courage, but I see a bit of stagnation (burnout ?), imo. Read something you don't think you would ever read. I recommended a couple of novels in another video but those were well within your comfort zone. These are [probably] not. Here is some non-fiction and fiction that you would probably never read, and that is precisely why I recommend it:

    Non Fiction:
    – Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
    – The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley
    – The Hero with a Thousand Faces 

    -The Painted Bird

    If you want to put your brain on fire. Let me know when you are ready to take on someone 😉
    – Learn to play chess.

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