5 Most Beautiful House Designs with Layout and Estimated Cost @Tiny House Big Living

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  1. A bunch of houses with tiny rooms . I prefer open spaces with lots of light , so light gets in the pineal gland and releases serotonin . Calms the wife down or i could lock her up in one of the tiny rooms until I get hungry . pc that up your yahoo

  2. Are you providing the blue print and someone else is building these homes? Are you building the homes? Are they being built in America or the Philippines? Are the prices reflected of cost as being built in the Philippines or America?

  3. I find that all designs are rather restricted, all rooms and circulation areas very small.
    Insufficient bath/toilet facilities .
    Costs could be greatly reduced if fussy brickwork details etc. Were eliminated and the barest structural elements maintained.
    Maintenance could have issues on many designs.

  4. #2 lawn is huge, can make smaller lawn, change to courtyard. For courtyard, just need a fence, and small gate.

  5. You have mentioned that there will be estimated cost! there was none.
    What are you selling? pictures?
    This is misleading and waste of time.

  6. These are so beautiful! So sad they are only in the Philippines. For everyone wondering about the estimated costs, click the arrow under the video, open the description. It doesn't say for sure, but looks like they are listed in Philippian Pesos. Looking that up 4,000,000 of those equals just over $78,000 US.
    I almost want to move there.

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