1920s Paint Sprayer [Restoration]

1920s Paint Sprayer [Restoration]

Keeping all gaskets wet in case of asbestos Looks like black and red paint for the label 3 coats of black, 2 coats of clear Evapo-rust will remove the bluing on this part, so I cleaned it with steel wool Fabric-reinforced oil-resistant rubber I am putting this pipe on in the opposite direction since I am concerned it will hit the motor I have. Upgrade! ~1hr Way too fast!

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100 Replies to “1920s Paint Sprayer [Restoration]”

  1. That 'Spra – more' decal you made looks bloody awesome.
    The picture you spra'd with the paint sprayer however, was a work of art and should be hanging in The Louvre.

  2. Oh my you do make me laugh never know what your going to get up to next, love you’re restorations ,keep them coming best wishes sue and Andy Reading England x

  3. Aaargh why didn't you tube tell me my favourite silent tool rescue was on . Lovely job as always though I miss banana and garbage

  4. Salut c’est magnifique 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. I think HTR has been replaced with some kind of android creature – those laser noises were a dead give away. I think we need proof of life.

  6. Me: dissasembled old electric motor, then watch hand tools rescue
    HTR: “Keep wet in case of asbestos”
    Me: 😳😱

  7. That was a BIG pigeon !! And a very god restoration !! You really made it better than new !! Great work !!

  8. I love to watch you do what you do. Great restoration.
    Btw. I bought a t-shirt but I never see my name up there at the end.

  9. I would use engine assembly oil /cam lube. Perfect for this will not sling off easy plus good 30 wt delo oil

  10. Anyone else see old things like this and realize that the person who designed this, the person who made it, the original seller and the original buyer are probably not alive anymore

  11. it was like I was waiting for xmas and got socks… lol I cant imagine ford painted with a airbrush.. what would a sprayer back then look like? for cars?

  12. Superb that Mr I am sure you have some Brilliant tools that old adjustable looks a littl awkward. Great restoration.

  13. Double lung piston pump. Pretty trick back in the day. Before good injectable lice/body insect killers, we used ceramic piston sprayers for cattle. You could knock down a 1,100 lb cow with one if you were a dick. Beautiful work! On the pump. Cowboy work may be romantic but it ain’t beautiful.

  14. Well Done looks good but for spraying Paint it is not good enough
    Ok a Maschine for the Museum
    Yours Frank

  15. Аутентично. Отпаял форсунки и приляпал на поксипол блядь. Реставрация……

  16. This guy shits up every antique he finds with ablative cleaning methods and painting them stupid colours. It's so heartbreaking seeing something worth a good amount be turned into something worthless and ugly.

  17. I wonder what would happen if the old gas burner showed up and spread some love to the cardboard happy face?!?!??! "Tested by FIRE!!" I'd like to see that happen….. very often. "Mr. Flamethrower meets junk left over from restoration!! Mano a mano!!! Saturday night at dark! BE THEEEEERE!!!!"

  18. Your intro for these videos always make me smile not to mention these awesome restorations, keep up the good work!

  19. Жесткая разборка конечно. Ничего не отмачивал в начале, ни болты ни гайки) А аппарат прекрасен в своей простоте. И работа по восстановлению достойная.

  20. You did a great job on this that brass plaque looked great! Guess the valves were not quite right as of the low pressure coming out. You have great skills .

  21. Thank you for sharing this with us. I just love your work, you are easily one of my favorite restoration youtubers by a long shot.

  22. It looks like your membranes are not working properly or there is leak somewhere. It looks like it has insufficient air pressure.

  23. Looking at this, the rubber he used for the valve looked far, far to thick. it cant produce the the pressure the thinner rubber would have allowed for. Probably not flexing anywhere enough inside it.

  24. I loath videos that are done in fast motion ! Just slow it down and show in real time it really takes away the real factor I will watch another video this one sucks

  25. Wha- what is that intro! Love it (I swear there was someone else who had a sponsored by joke years back… or maybe yesterday I have no sense of time)

  26. Unusual seeing red rubber in those diaphragms red rubber was also used in milking machines up to the 1960s for milk liners and milk tubes but it was notorious for perishing quickly

  27. So I know that I am not the first to ask this but why after messing with things that could contain asbestos do you finally decide to put on gloves ?

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